Shopping Guide



Please include the product name, product number, size, quantity, your name, address, telephone number, and organization branch name when ordering. (An order form can be downloaded from the site)


The product can be directly purchased after selecting your choice. Following the instructions on the screen to order.


Bank wire transfer(prepay)

After confirming the order, an email address will be sent to the address specified by you with information on where to transfer payment. Please submit payment within 10 days.

Credit Cards

When ordering from the internet, we accept VISA and Mastercard (1 payment only) .
After your order is confirmed, an email with payment settlement information will be sent to the address specified by you. Access the URL in the email and make your payment with your credit card.

Credit Cards


  • Japan Post EMS, SAL (Surface Air Lifted), Sea mail.

Necessary payments in addition to payment for products

  • Shipping:Shipping costs will differ by country so please refer to the details on the URL below.
    Japan Post Shipping Charges>>
  • Duty, etc.: This will differ from country to region however, if any charges arise for customs/duty or other import taxes, this must be paid by you. Please directly pay the delivery company at the time of delivery.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are not accepted. Please pay careful attention when ordering.

Safety Request

When using equipment, take care in the storage and do not use for purposes other than intended.

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