Privacy Policy

Maekawa Shouten Co.,Ltd. (herein after to be referred to as Our Company), follows the basic policies below to protect your privacy and personal information to our fullest ability for this site.

1. Comply with laws and related criteria in relation to protection of personal information.
2. Appropriately undergo the collection, use, and provision of personal information under strict management.
3. Appropriately manage security to prevent leakage, loss, or tampering of personal information
4. Undergo continuous improvement of the internal management system to protect personal information.

In order for you to feel secure in using this site, the method that Our Company handles personal information shall be explained. When using this site, we request that you fully understand the privacy policy when providing personal information.

Collection of personal information and use

The use of Information entered into this site and personal information provided through other methods will be limited for use of supporting your order, to inform you and provide our services and additionally will be used for the purpose of contacting you.

Sharing and management of personal information

Our Company absolutely does not disclose, lend, trade, sell or transfer personal information to any third party.
We take meticulous care in the management of your information.
Data entered for orders are used only for customer support, providing services to customers by Our Company, relevant parties, and for deliveries.

Disclosure and alternation of personal information

When disclosure or correction of personal information is requested by a person or the person's agent, Our Company will respond in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

Exemptions regarding disclosure of personal information

With the exception of the following, Our Company will not transfer or provide your personal information to any third party without your consent.

●When required by law.

●When necessary for the protection of life, physical body or protection of assets and obtaining consent from the customer is difficult.

●When cooperation is required to comply legal matters of the national institutions or local government to and obtaining the consent of the customer interferes with execution of the process.

Revision and governing law

This privacy policy may be altered or revised anytime without prior notice to the customer when deemed necessary.
The laws of Japan shall be applicable regarding protection of customer's personal information.

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