White Label
Shorinji Kempo
Unity assented

White Label (Set)

*Belt not included with the White label doiset. Please order the belt separately.

The screen for entering name and alterations will be displayed when the "Purchase" button is pressed.

Number Name Size Suitable Height(in) Price
0101White Label (Set)5 years old - 6 years old 41.34〜47.24 ¥5,444Purchase
0102White Label (Set)7 years old - 8 years old 47.24〜51.18 ¥5,741Purchase
0103White Label (Set)S 51.18〜55.12 ¥5,944Purchase
0104White Label (Set)M 55.12〜59.06 ¥6,481Purchase
0106White Label (Set)LL 62.99〜66.93 ¥7,130Purchase
0109White Label (Set)5L 70.87〜74.80 ¥8,241Purchase

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