Special-Order Rank Obi (belts)

Special-Order Rank Obi (belts)
This is a "Special Order Rank Obi (belts)" that high ranking persons (Bukai 3rd Dan or higher) can optionally wear established in 2017. The 1.65in width type (regular) appears newly in addition to 1.97in margin-type (widely)!Since this is a special order product, please understand that delivery make take about from 1 to 3 months. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask before ordering.

Special-Order Rank Obi comparison

Qualification and Color Cloth

When ordering, it is necessary to state the Kenshi name, Kenshi code, name of where they belongs, and code of the place they belong.
*We may check to confirm the qualifications.
※The "Shozoku-cho (Resident Superior)” of 6th-dan and 7th-dan are the Doincho (Dojo director) of Kongozenso Honzan Shorinji and the (branch) managers and supervisors of each country's Shorinji Kempo Federation.
"Directors" indicate the legal directors and honorary committee members of each Shorinji Kempo Group Corporation, UNITY, Honzan, Headquarters and WSKO committee members.

Position of Color Cloth

To increase the visibility of the Color Cloth, it is recommended that the Color Cloth is attached to the top edge of the area tied on to the torso when worn as shown in the left figure. In this case, the label should be placed on the right.
Please ample take care when determining the position for the name embroidery (label side, opposite side).

Embroidery of belts

Characters will be Computer embroidery machine fonts. Names on the dogi will also be these fonts.
Name 1 character ¥213
Color no/①Orange ②Red ③White ④Golden-Brown ⑤Gray ⑨Purple ⑩Blue ⑪Green ⑫burgundy
Name 1 character ¥296
Color no/⑥Gold ⑦Silver

◎Examples of common
 Obi embroidery

◎Items allowed for embroidery

●Organization name, affiliation name, name
少林寺拳法、金剛禅総本山少林寺、金剛禅少林寺、創始七十周年記念 etc. 
贈○○/○○周年記念 etc.
●Expressions related to Shorinji Kempo training
拳禅一如 力愛不二 守主攻従 不殺活人 剛柔一体 組手主体 
自己確立 自他共楽 脚下照顧 漸々修学 護身練胆 精神修養 
健康増進 不撓不屈 天地陰陽 幸福運動 一期一会 一生懸命 
身心一如 真純単一 協力一致 身心練磨 生涯修行 一志一道 
心・気・力 平常心


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